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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's Sewing Mistake

Sew ...

I made a BIG mistake while sewing hexies onto my quilt.

Please watch this video while I correct my BIG mistake.

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The Amazing Quilter

Diane Rose

Vision-impaired with glaucoma all her life, Rose became blind as a result of an accident in 1984, a mere four days before she was to undergo a cornea transplant. But not only has that condition not slowed her down, Rose has used it to serve as a means to motivate others to achieve their true potential. 

She has used her lack of sight as a springboard to give motivational talks both within and beyond the context of her ministry, Rose of Sharon Ministries. "The way I look at it, if I can do what I have done, without sight, how much can you do?" she said. Her achievements are considerable. Even without sight, Rose was heavily involved in the Nashville music scene as a journalist covering the various aspects of, and personalities in, country music.

And it's not as if she has been dabbling at quilting, either. "I have been doing it since 1998," she said, "and I have made more than 475 of them." She also had a goal to make 500 quilts by Aug 14th 2008, which was her 10th anniversary of making quilts. She achieved her anniversary goal, worked her way to 700 quilts, and she is now hoping to make 1,000 quilts by her 15th anniversary.

Please watch this amazing video.


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100 Ways to hide your stash

A short bio suitable for introductions:

Cathy Miller is a Canadian quilter and folksinger from Victoria British Columbia. Since September 2000 she and her musician husband John have toured a program of songs, stories and quilts to guilds and quilting events across North America, Australia and New Zealand, the UK and Germany.

They have performed at over 700 quilting events for more than 60,000 quilters worldwide. These include appearances at the (pick a couple)

International Quilt Festival in Houston
AQS Nashville Show
Quilt Canada
Quilters' Guild of the British Isles
Birmingham (England) Festival of Quilts
European Patchwork (France)
Ricky Tims' La Veta Colorado gallery
Eleanor Burns' Quilting retreat
Alex Anderson's now defunct TV program, "Simply Quilts"
Southern Cross Quilters' Retreats in Australia
"The Quilt Show" with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson

To date Cathy has released five CDs of songs about quilting and a book of her songs and stories. The songs range from the historical, through the poignant, to the drop-dead funny!

Please welcome ... The Singing Quilter.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Hexie Quilt Update

As things were going along and more hexies were being added, I decided the non-design was not working for me.

With Jack (the name of my stitch ripper) in hand, I started moving hexies around and decided to include some solid navy blue hexies.

Here are a couple of pictures of the changes I made.

 What do YOU think of the change?

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Pebbly-Pooh has graduated from basting hexies to attaching hexies!

Lets give a big shout out to my girl, Pebbly-Pooh who has just learned to attach hexies.


Look at her! She's such a natural!

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Commenting On A Blog

There have been no comments posted to this blog.

For people who may not know how to comment on a blog, I hope this video helps you.


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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Quilting Bee

The quilting bee was an important means of socializing for colonial and pioneer women (and man). Through the winter months, the women would piece their quilt tops. Since there was no central heating in these homes, there was usually only one main heated room that was too crowded during the winter months for a quilt frame to be assembled. When the weather became warmer, an invitation was sent to the surrounding neighbors for the quilting bee.

On the day of the quilting bee, the quilters would arrive early and begin marking the quilt top which had been put into the quilt frame by the hostess. Very often, plates, thimbles and were used to mark the quilting patterns. The quilters would then being to quilt the top while exchanging conversation. The quilt had to finished before the husbands and beaus showed up in the late afternoon when dinner was served to all, the hostess being given a chance to show off her cooking skills. After dinner, there was very often a square dance or country dance with fiddles accompanying the dancers. The quilting bee was an important part of the social life of these people surpassed only by religious gatherings. 

Below are a few YouTube Quilting Bee videos that I came across. I found them interesting.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hand Sewing Dilemma UPDATE

This is an update to a video posted regarding the cramping/locking of my left index finger while hand sewing hexies together.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Magic Quilt

In this short film, which mixes live action with cutout and embroidery animation, a group of children finds a magic quilt that is their passport to a voyage of discovery. They step inside the quilt and as they travel through its velvet farmlands and satin cities, they experience the multiculturalism of Canada. The quilt is torn and the magic broken when a quarrel breaks out. Once the quilt is repaired and harmony restored, the children have learned that patience and goodwill are needed to mend and maintain quilts, friendships, and nations.

The Magic Quilt by Bettina Maylone, National Film Board of Canada

Crazy Quilt

This film is part of a series of television programs including interviews with the directors of short animated films as well as the films themselves. This video includes 2 animated shorts: Quilt (by Gayle Thomas), an animated tribute to patchwork quilting and Scant Sanity (by John Weldon), an exploration into the nature of the mind and reality in which a person seeking job counseling receives psychiatric treatment instead, thereupon becoming convinced of the reality of his own internal world.

Crazy, Quilt by Donald McWilliams, National Film Board of Canada


A tribute to the unique and long-established art form of patchwork quilting, this abstract animated film uses computer and experimental techniques to choreograph quilt motifs and designs to music.

Quilt by Gayle Thomas, National Film Board of Canada

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oma's Quilt

Oma's Quilt

This animated short tells the story of Oma, who is moving from her house on Maple Street where she lived most of her life to a senior's residence where she doesn't know anyone. Her granddaughter Emily, a young girl full of wide-eyed enthusiasm, senses that her grandmother isn't sure she will like her new home. Wishing to help, she comes up with an idea to ease the burden of this momentous change.

Oma's Quilt by Izabela Bzymek, National Film Board of Canada

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hexie Quilt

Here is one of the hexie projects that I am working on. It is a Hexie Quilt.

This is just the beginning. I have a very long way to go. I will post pics of my progress as it grows.

Try to imagine these three pictures as one long photo. That is the width of the quilt.

All I have to do to make it the right length is build UP ... and up, and up, and up.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Grace Van Norman Correll Painting

Isn't this a beautiful painting?

A friend of mine picked this up from a garage sale for less than $5.00. She saw it and thought of me. It now rests against the wall on my ironing table.

What a great friend!

Grace Van Norman Correll

Birth Place: Peoria, Illinois
Death Place: Peoria, Illinois
Medium: Illustration, Mural, Painting - Oil
Subject: Animals, Landscape, Portraits
Exhibitions: Heart of Illinois Fair
Awards: Best in Show, Heart of Illinois Fair, three times
Collections: Bradley University
Training: Bradley University, Bachelors in Fine Arts, 1932
Related To/Associated With: Mother was painter Lulu Van Norman

Other Occupations: 
Illustrator, children's magazines
1940s, painted 60 murals for Fannie May stores throughout the country

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Grace Correll remained there where she became an illustrator, designer, muralist, and fine art painter. She did mural commissions for private homes and businesses including the Fannie May Candy Company. She was also a designer for Forster Textile Mills Inc. and was a part-time instructor at the Costume Institute of Bradley University.

GRACE VAN NORMAN CORRELL (American b.1912) "Winter Landscape" oil on board, signed lower right "G. Correll". 30"x24". Estimate $100-$200

More than 90 years of Fannie May – A success story

The first Fannie May retail store was opened by H. Teller Archibald in 1920 at 11 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago. By 1935, there were nearly four dozen retail stores in Illinois and several neighboring states. During World War II, while other companies chose to change their recipes when ingredients were scarce, Fannie May stuck with its exact recipes, making only what it could which often meant closing shops early because no more candy was available - never was the taste of the candy compromised.

Through the years Fannie May developed candies that went on to become favorites that were often the center of many family and holiday traditions. For instance, Fannie May Pixies® were first made in 1946 by hand-pouring caramel over nuts and then placing them on a conveyor belt to be drenched in chocolate. Today, that combination of caramel and crunchy pecans covered in chocolate is one of the company's best sellers. That same commitment to the quality of recipes continues today, with most of the same ingredients coming from the same suppliers for many years now. Quality has always been the driving force behind the making of Fannie May chocolates. We developed this by combining a delicious product, stimulating advertising, elegant packaging and selective distribution. Fannie May's standards of excellence include maintaining our product's high quality by requiring special handling during storage and display. Our growing popularity as a premium quality product is due to our innovative approaches in manufacturing, advertising and packaging. Fannie May stands by all its products and for over 90 years has provided high quality gourmet chocolates with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In May of 2006 Fannie May joined the family of brands. For more than 30 years, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. – "Your Florist of Choice®" – has been providing customers around the world with the freshest flowers and finest selection of plants, gift baskets, gourmet foods, confections and plush stuffed animals perfect for every occasion.

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Dreamland Paradise Baby Quilt

This quilt is called "Dreamland Paradise"

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Good Ship Noah Baby Quilt

This Good Ship Noah Baby Quilt was bought by a friend to give to her sister as a baby shower gift.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this quilt. Please post a comment.

Blue Bazooples Baby Quilt

This Blue Bazooples Baby Quilt was a gift I made for the wife of the owner of a company I used to work at - Kim McLaughlin

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Silly Elephant Dots - Baby Quilt

This quilt has a new home.

It was won at St. Francis of Assissi Anglican Church during their Spaghetti Western Dinner & Auction.

I hope the winner is enjoying it!

In the second picture there is a PINK fabric showing.As you will see in the rest of the photos,  I decided to omit the pink and make the quilt gender-neutral.

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Noah - Two by Two - Baby Quilt

This quilt was bought by ONE friend to give to ANOTHER friend.

Noah - Two by Two - Baby Quilt

You know .... hearing your comments make me sooooo happy!

Baby Animal Talk - Baby Quilt

This quilt has gone to a very dear friend as a baby shower gift for her baby - Leila.

Baby Animal Talk - Baby Quilt

Along with this quilt, Leila's mommy received another gift ...

I made her a Baby Sock Bouquet. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Imagine MY surprise when ... a few days later, this card came in the mail.

THAT was a gift itself!

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Vintage 60s Baby Quilt

This quilt is now keeping my new nephew Jaxon very warm!

Vintage 60s Baby Quilt

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Lily's Baby's Quilt

This is a baby quilt that I made for a co-worker.

 Lily's Baby's Quilt

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